Case Studies

Few selected case studies from the tailored solutions we have designed, developed and implemented. The solutions include integration with products of the companies we represent as well as other vendor products


Telecom Postpaid Billing System

Client: A Sri Lankan Telecom operator

The problem: While the subscriber share of Prepaid Subscribers is more higher than Postpaid Subscribers, our client doesn't neglect the importance of loyal postpaid customer base. Our client wanted us to address the need of managing post paid customers by opening up a new revenue management system for them. The rich set of system features includes subscriber provisioning, prepaid2postpaid migration, bill settlement, package changes and many more.

The solution: The bill is an important component of the postpaid services which acts as an evidence of the service provided. But our Postpaid Billing Solution is not only limited to scope of monthly bill generation. It has developed as a total solution to manage every aspect of our client's postpaid subscriber base.

Mobile Self-Care Platform

Client: A Sri Lankan Telecom operator

The problem: Our client found that their traditional customer care channels such as call center and IVR system no longer provide a sustainable solution to satisfy the full range and complexity of increasing customer demands. As smart devices have been rapidly growing in sophistication result in a rapid change of consumer behavior, customers also want to have full control of their services through multiple mobile and social channels.

The solution: Our customized solution gives our client’s subscribers unrestricted freedom to manage and access their accounts and services on mobile devices. The operator now has a vital asset that reduces costs and improves business results while meeting customer needs. TSD’s Mobile Self Care is a true solution, more than just an mobile app.

Mobile subscriber provisioning system

Client: A Sri Lankan Telecom operator

The problem: In the world of telecommunications, success depends on the ability to identify rapidly changing customer needs and by quickly adjusting the business functions and operations to cater current needs. Our client needed efficient and cost effective solution to address its provisioning requirements.

The solution: We have provided various provisioning platforms that allowed our client to create various service bundles by mixing different combinations of basic offers (building blocks) available at their backend. Our solutions are not only efficient and user friendly, but also optimized to run even on low end hardware, lowering the TCO and OPEX for our client.

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