Product Representations

Billing & Customer Care

  • Billing and Active customer management solutions
  • Converged Billing and Customer management solution
  • Real Time Billing Solution - Prepaid, Post paid
  • Mediation, Roaming and Settlements
  • Self Care Service
  • CRM solution based on BPM
  • Business Process Automation

IP Telephony

  • Mobile Centrex solution (PBX for mobile operator)
  • Advanced Intelligent Peripheral (for IN and IMS networks)
  • IP Telephony Application servers
  • Residential Telephony
  • IP trunking
  • Converged IP Centrex


  • Next Generation Voicemail
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Call completion solution
  • Ring back tone solution

Mobile Advertising

  • Mobile Advertising Solution

Mobile Internet

  • Mobile Internet Hub